Rolfing Structural Integration is a form of therapy directed at bringing a person's bodily structure into a more harmonious state. Typically spread out over ten or more sessions, the practitioner works with the client systematically to address the whole body. By breaking the complete structure down into sections, each with individual and collective responsibilities, the practitioner is able provide ample attention to any structural issue discovered. This process allows systemic change to occur. For example, many people seek the help of Rolfers for low back pain. Often the source of the pain is not centered in the back, but instead comes from a complex web of interactions and structures that make up the complete human form. Rolfing provides a framework with which to understand this complexity, and begin the process of shifting dysfunction into the direction of harmonious balance. Recipients often experience this as the shift of the bodily structure into a more natural alignment e.g. skeletal, musculoskeletal, and postural.

What to Expect

While relaxation is an important part of the therapeutic process, Rolfing is focused much more towards helping the client discover new possibilities of posture and movement. It is a collaborative process in which the practitioner guides the client through a deep examination of the nature of their relationship with their body and habitual movement patterns. This is done through a combination of hands on manual therapy, hands off movement queues, and honest conversation about the client’s lived experience. What is it like to be you, in your unique body?

Clients are consistently asked to check in, instead of checking out. This may be anywhere in the spectrum of simply checking in with internal sensation, to getting up from the table and moving around. As for the hands on manual therapy, clients often describe the sensation as deep, satisfying pressure.

What to Wear

Client comfort and safety is of the utmost importance. Please dress to your comfort level, and we will work there.  

With this in mind, the predominant portion of sessions consist of hands on manual therapy. It is recommended that clients wear attire that provides a high level of access to skin. For women, this can look like sports bras, camisoles, and athletic shorts or briefs. For men this may look like boxer briefs, briefs, or athletic shorts.

Meet Ben

         I am a Certified Rolfer™. I have been obsessed with movement ever since I was young. At the age of thirteen I got involved in yoga and competitive rock climbing. Over the years I have explored dance, skiing, paragliding, trail running, gymnastics, and most recently the work of Ido Portal, a movement and athletic aficionado. Naturally this love of physical expression had its fair share of injuries, which led me to try Rolfing Structural Integration for the first time in 2018.It was the first time I experienced lasting results from manual therapy. 
                 My extensive experience with athletic pursuits puts me in a unique position to guide you along your healing journey. Whether a ski accident, normal aches and pains, or purely the pursuit of a more comfortable experience in your own body; I am here to help!


"Rolfing® with Ben was a game changer for me. I work a lot and stay very busy so taking the time to commit to the 10 series was a bit of a stretch. I'm so glad I did! Ben helped me release layers of old tension that I was not fully aware I was holding onto. As a result, I'm feeling more at ease in my body and in the world. Ben did a great job of bringing me to my edge in a way that felt really good and also safe. I highly recommend!"

-Suzanne Spiegel

“I had fabulous results from my 13-Series with Ben.  He helped me feel better every session. I sustained some injuries during sports and auto accidents and had given quite a few modalities fair shots. I wanted to see if Rolfing could help my TMJ, neck, and hips, and it did! Ben helped me release a lot of tension all over my body.  My hamstrings, hips, and back feel much more flexible.  My body, especially my back, feels more capable. I will admit that I was concerned that I might be tortured, but he always checked to ensure that I was okay and often adjusted his technique.  A lot of the work was therapeutic and actually felt really really good.  I would highly recommend working with him!  He's very professional, sincere, and has a great sense of humor.”

-Michelle Finley